Spyder 550 pricing information

Holmes Spyder 550 starts at £24 995.  All taxes and registration fees are inclusive and a 12 month warranty is given. For a full options list please follow the link.

Examples of Spyder 550 pricing.

This is the 550 Spyder in base form.  Paint and trim in a colour of your choice.  leather seats, hood and side screens are standard items and it has the 2007cc boxer engine.

£24 995.  On the road.




The Spyder 550 featured here has additional safety roll hoops,  Silver wheels and a centre exit big bore exhaust system (rated at 95db), the customer also requested Specialist number plates for show use. 
The retail price for a car of this specification is:
Roll hoops,                                £300.
Silver wheels,                            £300.
Free flow exhaust system,          £700.
Specialist number plates,            £60.
Up rated side screens,                 £250.
Remote control,
electronic door opening system,  £300

Total on the road cost.                £26 905.


This is a James Dean Spyder 550 Replica, it comprises of many optional extra's.  Please note not all are road legal in the Europe.

Polycarbonate fly screen, £no-cost option.
Racing style mirror,                        £250.
5 stud drum brake look conversion,       £985.
5 stud silver wheels,                          £400.
Banjo type steering wheel,                  £250.
Leather engine cover straps,              £95.
Aluminium front grill,                        £200.
Free flow exhaust,                          £700.
James Dean decal kit,                     £150.
Rear red stripes,                             £150.

Total on the road cost,                 £28 425.

 Spyder 550 Classic driving experience coupled with modern practicality.
Spyder RS Beautiful retro lines and blistering race car performance.
 Options list    Full price list of all options available for the Spyder 550 and RS.