Classic and sports car storage available within our dedicated storage facilities at competetive rates...Spyders available for long and short term hire...

Welcome to the Holmes Motor Company Ltd. Website.

  Holmes motor company offer a range of products and services.  The Holmes Spyder 550 is a stunning replica Porsche 550 Spyder, these are not kit cars but brand new low volume exclusive sports cars.
We also offer Spyder 550 for long or short term car hire.
The Holmes Spyder RS shares the same stylish lines as the Porsche 550 Spyder but a closer look underneath the skin reveals modern technology principles and the use of modern materials.
Holmes Speedsters are Replica Porsche 356 Speedster, manufactured to the highest standards and available with either a four cylinder boxer type air-cooled engine or 4 cylinder inline water cooled.
We also offer sports and classic car storage within our dedicated storage facilities based in the heart of rural Gloucestershire at very competitive rates.

Holmes Motor Company sports cars are brand new vehicles and manufactured to the highest standards.  Every component in every vehicle is 100% new and under no circumstances will vehicles be supplied as kits or manufactured with second hand components.

All vehicles are supplied with all taxes and registration fees paid plus,12 months warranty inclusive in the price.    


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 Spyder 550 Classic driving experience coupled with modern practicality.
Spyder RS Beautiful retro lines and blistering race car performance.
Classic 356 Speedster experience at an affordable price!
Car storage  Clean, dry and secure car storage facilities at competitive rates.