Car storage

  Holmes motor company. Ltd. are now able to offer  your treasured car a place within our secure, clean and dry storage facilities.  We are based in the heart of the U.K-south west-midlands in rural Gloucestershire and have good access for all methods of vehicle transportation. 

    Our tariffs cater for simple short term storage or long term preservation storage, with or without maintenance programs. We can offer a complete cleaning service which includes the removal of all harmful residues and the application of specialist protective coatings to vulnerable parts ensuring maximum preservation. 

    You have the option to choose from one of our standard storage programmes or if you require that little extra for your treasured vehicle we will tailor a maintenance package to suit your vehicles requirements.  This may include regular starting and warming through of the engine, regular rotation of the wheels,  battery maintenance etc, as frequently as required for your peace of mind.  For cars “in use” we can clean, maintain and service your car ready for its next outing. Collection and delivery can be arranged either by trailer or driven. 


  A full listing of all standard tariffs is available below, should you have any questions or would like to arrange a placement for your car please do not hesitate to Contact us.

Tariff details

Standard secure, clean, dry storage inside:                                                  £59.50 pcm.


Long term active storage:                                                                               £79.50 pcm.


Motorcycles, Standard Storage                                                                      £28.00 pcm


Motorcycles, Active storage.                                                                         £39.00 pcm


Active storage includes:

Car mounted on axle stands.

Battery conditioning.   

Engine run every 30 days to normal temperature.

All systems operated, electric motors, window mechanisms etc.

Clutch and all gears are engaged driven wheels rotated gently through transmission.

Non-driven wheels rotated by hand.

The brake pedal is applied to generate pressure and movement in the system.

A visual inspection is then made and a report compiled.


 Preparation for storage


Wash & polish exterior (standard car)                                                                    £25.00


T cut & wax exterior (standard car)                                                                       £30.00


Special clean and protective coat to wire wheels                                                 £35.00


Power wash underside of car                                                                               £40.00


Valet interior                                                                                                           £25.00


Apply leather food and conditioner                                                                        £30.00


Power wash engine bay and apply protective coating                                         £40.00


Wax oil underside of car                                                                                        £140.00


Check strength of coolant                                                                                      £5.00


Drain, flush and refill with new coolant. (excl materials)                                       £25.00


Change engine oil and filter (excl materials)                                                           £20.00


Spray brake discs with protective coating                                                             £20.00


Tailored dust sheets from                                                                                       £65.00


Battery conditioner supplied and fitted                                                                   £45.00


Rental of battery conditioner                                                                                  £2.50    p\w.

Slacken belts for storage and re-tension for engine running                                £25.00         


 Our normal labour rate for service and maintenance is £30.00 p\hr.

 Please ask for a quote for specialist work




A 20% storage discount is applied after 6 consecutive months.




Whilst your car is in our care you should maintain fire, theft and accidental

damage insurance (storage cover).

If you prefer we can arrange the relevant cover on your behalf at favourable rates.


CONDITIONS OF STORAGE                             

 Storage charges become due 1 quarter in advance at the time of the vehicle

being deposited at our premises and quarterly thereafter.

Minimum term 1 month, full refund pro-rata on complete unused months.

Inside our facilities.

Pictures coming soon, please check back at a later date.